Well-designed and well-made furniture was built to last — it can last decades or longer with the right care — but what do you do when the wine and coffee stains not only begin to surface but start to smell?

Spot cleaning your furniture can only get you so far, and at some point, you’ll need to dig a little deeper and schedule a furniture cleaning! We’ll give you some tried and true tips to help get you started, but work with us for the best in odor control and sofa cleaning in the Kearney area. Follow along in today’s post as we reveal some of the best upholstery cleaning tips to keep your furniture crisp and clean.  

Spills, Stains, and Mysterious Odors

Unless you’re ruling an art museum-esque household, spills, stains, and odors are going to happen — accidents are just a part of life. Your living room is called a living room for a reason, it needs to be lived in! Sure you can prevent pet accidents and bottles of red wine from spilling by outlawing food, drink, and pets (sob), but then you’re not really living!

Life is too short and too sweet, and if you really want to absorb and make the best of it, read some of the best tips for cleaning preserving your upholstery.


You would think we’re divulging tips on how to keep your floors clean, but the same rule applies to upholstery. This is our number one tip! Vacuuming your upholstery weekly will keep it clean and the appearance nice and neat. Dirt easily damages the fibers and can cause premature wear and tear on your furniture. Using an attachment or stiff-bristled brush can loosen the dirt to vacuum up any stubborn debris.  

Know the Type of material You’re Working With

When you purchase a piece of upholstery, it will come with a fabric cleaning code. With some couches, you can remove the cushion covers and wash them in the laundry, while others you have to look for codes such as “W” which is water safe and “S” means you should skip using water altogether. “S/W” is the universal upholstery code and indicates you can use water or another solvent, but avoid a DIY cleaning if there is an “X” — this marks vacuum only.

Be Gentle

When a stain is eminent our first reaction is to scrub as hard as possible to get it out, but avoid this initial response, spray a stain remover, and gently blot the fabric. Harsh scrubbing can actually work the stain in even further, doing more damage to the fabric and creating more wear and tear.

Limit The Amount of Water

Another belief or reaction we have is to use copious amounts of water, yet using a large amount of water isn’t always ideal. If your couch has a stain, try misting a stain remover spray, and then use water if it’s still needed.

Furniture wants to last and have a full and abundant life right along with you! When you take small, doable steps such as vacuuming, knowing the cleaning code it has, and be gentle with the fabric, you’ll not only keep your upholstery clean, but assist in its longevity.

For upholstery cleaning in the Kearney area, schedule an appointment with us today.