1. The DIY Conundrum: Should You Subject Your Carpet Care To It?

    Having carpet in your home comes with a whole host of benefits from a stylish look that comes in many patterns, styles, and colors, to a warm a comfy feel that’s inviting for all! With carpet comes the responsibility of the upkeep in vacuuming, spot cleaning, and a deep cleaning at least once a ye…Read More

  2. Is Your Signature Scent Killing the Sale?

    There are many things that make your home desirable for resale: an updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a new roof, and professional landscaping — one that doesn’t top that list is your home’s signature scent. Do you have a scented candle in every room like “homemade apple pie”…Read More

  3. Get Tough on Grout Grime

    Bathroom tile, both on your floor and in your shower area, is a stylish and aesthetically pleasing feature that many homeowners choose, as it has minimal upkeep and stands the test of time. But, you know what doesn’t stand the test of time? Grout. This is one of the biggest downsides of tile — i…Read More

  4. How To Keep Your Carpets and Rugs Looking Like New

    There are many reasons why people choose carpet as their preferred flooring type — it’s luxurious, comforting, warm, and safe —  and making sure its longevity will last for the coming decades will take a little work and maintenance. There are many things that can shorten their lifespan and ma…Read More

  5. Odor Control For Your Carpet

    Having a clean, nice smelling home is something we all strive for, yet alas, life always seems to enjoy shaking things up! Perhaps the apple of your eye are the three dogs that bring so much joy but shed so much hair and are always digging around in the yard. You may also have cats and an unruly tee…Read More

  6. Keep Your Carpet Fresh: Four Tips to Try Today!

    Keeping your carpet looking its best can become a chore when you’re strapped for time. Between a weekly or bi-weekly vacuuming to spot cleaning spills and stains the carpet isn't a self-cleaning entity, so if you’re in need of carpet cleaning services, Crystal Clean Carpet Care is here to lend a…Read More