About Our Comprehensive Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Shelton

Are you an animal lover with a small zoo at home in Shelton? Dogs, cats, and other friends of the animal kingdom can be cute and cuddly and offer the best companionship, but they can also cause give your home a funky stench! If your home is largely carpeted with many animals roaming it daily, it may be a good time to get your carpets professionally cleaned! Not only will your home smell better, but your carpets will look amazing — you’ll no longer be the weird cat lady of Shelton!

Our carpet cleaning services are great for any home — no matter how clean or dirty! We tailor all of our services to the needs of your home, and we always used our specially formulated cleaning solutions combine with high-pressure steam cleaning.

In Shelton, We Offer More Than Just Professional Carpet Cleaning…

At Crystal Clean Carpet Care, we can assist your household with additional services such as:

  • Mold testing – Mold is notorious for the health damages it causes, but it is also quite damaging to the structure and materials it grows on in your home. To prevent home and health issues, get your mold concerns tested today.
  • Water damage restoration – Water damage not only damages your belongings, within a 48-hour timeframe it can spore harmful and toxic mold.
  • RV and car cleaning – If you commute, you likely spend a good amount of time driving in your car which can cause wear and tear to occur a little faster. Keep your vehicle clean and in outstanding condition with our RV and car cleaning service.
  • Tile and grout cleaning – If your grout is turning a nice shade of gray and your tiles boast stains that won’t go away, you need our tile and grout cleaning services. Keep your floors sparkly clean with our routine floor cleaning services!
  • Air duct cleaning – Indoor air quality can, at times, be worse than that of the outdoors! Keep your air quality clean, fresh, and breathable by scheduling an air duct cleaning.

To take advantage of all of our professional cleaning services from carpets to air ducts, schedule an appointment with Crystal Clean Carpet Care today!