About Our Comprehensive Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Pleasanton

If you’re a working professional or a stay-at-home parent, you likely have better things to do than obsess over your carpets! At Crystal Clean Carpet Care, it’s our job to obsess over your carpets for you, as we want to see fresh and clean carpets to make your home stand out!

When we come to your Pleasanton residence, we’ll find a carpet cleaning method that’s customized to your home’s needs. No job is too dirty or too clean for us — we’ll improve your carpets, regardless! Our tried and true cleaning methods implement the best in high-pressure steam cleaning combined with our specially formulated solutions to really get to the dirt and grime.

To experience the finest in carpet care — whether routine care or in an emergency — in Pleasanton, schedule a cleaning today.

At Crystal Clean Carpet Care, We Offer Additional Services in Pleasanton!

In addition to our phenomenal carpet care, we offer the following services:

  • Mold testing – Mold is damaging to both your home and your health, and it can spore in just 48 hours! Keep your home’s structural integrity and health in tact by scheduling a mold testing service with us at Crystal Clean Carpet Care.
  • Water damage restoration – Standing water and moisture as a result from flooding can cause major damage. Not only does it seep into floorboards and walls compromising their integrity, it also invites mold to grow. Put an end to this disastrous cycle and call for our water restoration services.
  • RV and car cleaning – Keep your vehicle smelling fresh and looking like new with our RV and car cleaning services.
  • Tile and grout cleaning – Carpets aren’t the only flooring that need attention — tile and grout can get grimy and stained over time, so schedule a tile and grout cleaning service today.
  • Air duct cleaning – You may notice your allergies going wild, but they could be related to your indoor air quality. Have your air ducts cleaned today for clean, pure air.

To schedule one of our many services, call and book today! We also can come out and do a series of services in one day to help get them out of the way!