At Crystal Clean Carpet Care, we proudly serve the residents in the Kearney, Nebraska area including Gibbon, Holdrege, Lexington, Minden, Pleasanton, and Shelton.

About Our Comprehensive Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

If you love the soft, cozy-comfy feeling of carpet beneath your bare feet and the instant relaxation you feel when you’re surrounded, having a professional carpet cleaning service in your phone will come in handy! If you take pride in your carpets and vacuum them weekly, this is excellent routine maintenance. To really keep your carpets clean and smelling fresh, you need to have them professionally cleaned every year or every two years to break up stains and increase their longevity. With our comprehensive professional carpet cleaning services, we clean both residential and commercial properties and cover carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

If your home has mixed-material flooring such as carpet and tile, we also offer tile and grout cleaning services. While tile and grout maintenance is relatively easy as mopping and sweeping take care of most of it. When your tile and grout becomes dingy and stained is when you’ll want to give us a call for a routine professional tile cleaning. It’s important to schedule cleaning a couple times a year before and right after the winter season is a great time to do this.

We Offer More Than Just Carpet and Tile Floor Cleanings…

Apart from our bread-and-butter floor cleaning services, we also offer air duct cleaning, RV and car detailing, water damage restoration, and mold testing. All of our services are offered to both residential and commercial properties in the Kearney, Nebraska area. When you schedule a professional carpet cleaning service, ask about scheduling multiple services for the day to get everything done at once and save you time!

Crystal Clean Carpet Care offers comprehensive cleaning services to the Kearney area that includes flooring, air ducts, RV and cars, water damage restoration, and mold testing.

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