The tile in your home has likely been easy to maintain — a quick weekly sweep and mop is just about all the routine care you need. But, what about the rest of your tile in your home? Many people have tile in their bathrooms and laundry areas. The upkeep of all the tile can become overwhelming as the tile becomes stained and the grout gets grimy. Give your tile and grout the best cleaning in the Lexington area with Crystal Clean Carpet Care.

Do You Need Tile Cleaning Services in Lexington?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of foot traffic your family and pets are bringing in coupled with the various rooms that have tile, Crystal Clean Carpet Care can lend a hand. Tile is easier to manage when it’s reserved for one room, but when there are multiple rooms, there are only so many nooks and crannies you can clean with a toothbrush! So, if your tile and grout are losing are looking gritty and grimy call in the experts to treat your tile and restore their glow!

Why Crystal Clean Carpet Care For Tile and Grout Care?

If you have an abundance of tile in your home and have a tough time maintaining its elegance, we are here to bring back its shine! At Crystal Clean Carpet Care, our effective and efficient equipment cleans stains from your tile and scrubs the grout back to its original state. We’ve also been in the industry a long time so our skills, experience, and knowledge go unmatched in our industry. If you’re looking for a competent yet trustworthy cleaning company for your tile and grout, we are the company you’ll want in your phone!

Other Services We Provide…

We’re more than just a tile cleaning company, as we offer carpet cleaning, air duct maintenance, vehicle detailing, water damage restoration, and mold testing. If you’re in Lexington and a professional cleaning and restoration company, add us to your phone!

Schedule an appointment today with Crystal Clean Carpet Care, for the best looking tile and grout in Lexington!