Having carpet in your home comes with a whole host of benefits from a stylish look that comes in many patterns, styles, and colors, to a warm a comfy feel that’s inviting for all! With carpet comes the responsibility of the upkeep in vacuuming, spot cleaning, and a deep cleaning at least once a year to keep your carpet looking like new. So, which do you choose — DIY carpet cleaning or professional carpet cleaning services?

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore and with local carpet cleaners such as Crystal Clean Carpet Care, you can save your most precious non-renewable resources — your time and energy — on the things you love. Follow along in today’s post and discern whether you should opt for a DIY carpet cleaning method or stick with the professionals.

Carpet Cleaning: DIY or Professional

Carpet cleaning falls right in line with cleaning the windows and screens and a deep cleaning of the kitchen — seriously needed, but not how you want to spend your weekend! The DIY conversation always comes up when it comes to cleaning carpets — on one hand you may save some money, but you end up having to do all the prep, cleaning, and drying yourself, andon the other hand, hiring a local carpet cleaner saves you all the hassle.

When DIY Is A Good Option

Saving money where you can is important for most people, and DIY carpet cleaning is one way to do it. You may consider DIY for the following:

  • Moving into a new place that is empty so you don’t have to prep or put your life on hold to let the carpets dry
  • You don’t have to buy or rent a carpet cleaning device
  • You’re in a pinch and need the carpets cleaned today
  • You want to clean the carpets more often than your scheduled annual deep clean
  • There is a lasting stain or smell you need to take care of

When Professional Carpet Cleaning Is The Best Option

DIY is beneficial in some scenarios, and in others, professional carpet cleaning is the only option. When you decide to clean the carpets yourself, you miss out on what professional carpet cleaners can provide including:

Properly heated water temperatures – Professionals have machines that heat the water to specific temperatures which results in much more effective cleaning and odor removal.

Carpet that is only slightly damp – Because professionals have machines that can clean and soak up a majority of the water, your carpet is only slightly damp. When you DIY you run the risk of leaving a puddle of water that has a hard drying and can even begin to mold.

Professionals have the skills – Because carpet cleaning is their profession, there are skills and techniques they use that result in cleaner carpets in less amount of time that it would take you.

It keeps maintenance easy – Cleaning the carpet yourself is a weekend project and involves a good amount of sweat equity on your part. Free up your time and save your energy, and let the professional lend a hand!

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Keep your carpets looking their best and help prolong their longevity by getting them professionally cleaned at least once a year. The carpet cleaning professionals can save you time, energy, and money in the long run and provide amazing results every time.

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