Keeping your carpet looking its best can become a chore when you’re strapped for time. Between a weekly or bi-weekly vacuuming to spot cleaning spills and stains the carpet isn’t a self-cleaning entity, so if you’re in need of carpet cleaning services, Crystal Clean Carpet Care is here to lend a hand. We’ll work with your schedule to get your carpet looking fresh and new again. For the time in-between our services, follow along as we give you the best carpet care tips!

Keep Your Carpets Crisp and Clean With These Tips

Carpets are mostly maintenance-free if you know how to care for them — a little TLC goes a long way. We’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for a long time and have experience in what works to keep your carpets fresh and like new. When your carpets are clean and in good condition, it makes everything look and feel better.

Make it a habit to remove your shoes

Creating a habit for you and your family to remove your shoes before entering the house is not only a good idea, it’s considered law in the carpet cleaning business! When you remove your shoes you prevent grunge and grime from tracking in to your home. You may even cut back on illnesses because shoes harbor a lot of germs, and leaving them at the door means you’re also leaving the harmful toxins and bacteria behind.

Shoes tend to wear carpet down faster, and—especially in Keaney winters when everything is snowy—you avoid tracking in salt, dirt, and snow from the outdoors.

Vacuum, vacuum, VACUUM!

Vacuuming on a regular basis is another simple thing you can do to keep your carpets looking fresh. Vacuuming picks up unwanted dirt and contaminants and prevents it from being ground into the carpet creating stains. For the best looking carpet, consider vacuuming a couple times a week, especially if you have pets.

Clean up spills promptly

When you spill something it’s easy to either forget about it or do a quick clean not fully picking up everything. The best practice in carpet care is to address the spill right away so it doesn’t turn into a stain. Have a spot cleaner on stand-by and blot up the spill so not to rub the stain in deeper. If it’s a dry item and it needs to be vacuumed, a small hand-held vacuum works well or you can scrape it up with a utility knife.

Prepare an emergency carpet kit

Whether you’re prone to spilling or not, having an emergency carpet kit on hand will be helpful when you’re left in a panic after you knocked over an entire bottle of wine on the carpet! Stock the kit with a carpet stain cleaner, dish soap, club soda (for wine or beer), hydrogen peroxide (for blood), and a few towels and sponges.

For carpets that look crisp and clean year round always remember to remove your shoes, vacuum, clean up spills immediately, and keep an emergency carpet care kit on hand.

Professional routine cleaning of your carpets is also another important piece to keeping your carpets looking their best. For the finest carpet cleaners in the Kearney area, call Crystal Clean Carpet Care today!