There are many things that make your home desirable for resale: an updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a new roof, and professional landscaping — one that doesn’t top that list is your home’s signature scent. Do you have a scented candle in every room like “homemade apple pie” or “vanilla cupcake?” While you may love that scent and find that it brings you home, not everyone enjoys the same scents as you! If you’re trying to sell your home and are having trouble, it may be a result of your signature scent!

Is your home in need of odor control? Not all smells are considered bad, but in the real estate market, they’re not going to be for everyone. To quickly take care of your signature scent and sell your home, connect with Crystal Clean Carpet Care. Find out additional ways to tackle your signature scent in today’s blog!

The Scent That Keeps You from a Sale

Your home has a signature scent whether you know it or not, and likely, you don’t! You know the scent — the grocery store or thrift store, you could nail those scents in a line-up. Your home’s signature scent is similar to this. You may love lavender everything or find peace in nag champa, but everytime you light a candle or incense or spray a room freshener, the scent sticks to the carpet, flooring, and walls — it can even get into the vents!  

The unfortunate side effect to these scents is that they’re actually toxic and creating a harmful indoor environment. The EPA often cites indoor air quality as being more polluted than the outdoors! With roughly 30.5 percent of the population suffering from scent sensitivities, it could be that delicious candle that’s keeping people away!

How to Clean Up the Air

If you know you’re going to be putting your home on the market, think twice about using that room freshener or lighting incense or a candle. The best advice: steer clear from any scents until your house is sold. The following measures can help neutralize the scent and keep the smell of money (as in a home offer) in the air!

Use vinegar – Never underestimate the power of vinegar! Vinegar helps to deodorize and neutralize scents. Spray it directly in the air or directly onto the walls. Let the vinegar sit for a minute and then wipe with a clean towel.

Use baking soda – If you can smell your scent in the carpets, neutralize them with baking soda! Liberally sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and let sit for at least 30 minutes. After you’ve let it sit, vacuum over it at least once.

Let it breathe – Sometimes scents get stuck in homes because they’re poorly ventilated. To mitigate this, crack open the windows and let your home breath and the fresh air in.

If you need, repeat these things a couple of times until your signature scent is gone or at least dissipated!

A professional carpet cleaning is also wise to get before the home is put on the market, this way the experts can clean and neutralize any scents!

For the best carpet cleaning services that impart odor control, work with us at Crystal Clean Carpet Care today!