There are many reasons why people choose carpet as their preferred flooring type — it’s luxurious, comforting, warm, and safe —  and making sure its longevity will last for the coming decades will take a little work and maintenance. There are many things that can shorten their lifespan and make their wear and tear surface even faster, so take heed and watch for the things? that can age your carpets and rugs!

Preventative maintenance is great for just about everything — your car, your health, your HVAC system, and your carpets! At Crystal Clean Carpet Care, we’re your local carpet cleaners in the Kearney area. Schedule us regularly for carpet that withstands all that life has to throw at it. Follow along in today’s post as we explore the things that can age your carpet.

The Carpet Culprits

Keeping your carpets and rugs in pristine condition doesn’t take too much work if you know what to steer clear from. Below are a couple things that are sure to age your carpet.

  • High moisture content – If you live in an area with high humidity, the lingering moisture can quickly age and ruin carpets and rugs. Water is used to clean carpets, but it’s when it doesn’t dry that it becomes an issue. Repeated exposure damages and breaks down the fibers and can grow mold and mildew. When you tend to the moisture by airing out the room or getting a dehumidifier, you can save your carpet and rugs from dry rot and expensive replacement costs.
  • Insects – During the summer months, the moth population thrives, and keeping them outdoors is a feat in itself! When they get indoors, they’re not so harmless and ruin clothing and carpeting. Moths and carpet beetles are most concerning because they don’t necessarily consume the fibers, but they’re prone to laying their larvae and those do cause direct damage to rugs and carpeting. If you notice an abundance of insects flying around, you may have an indoor infestation. The insects leave a trace of missing fiber or carpet pile, webbing, and a sandy residue. The damage is mostly repairable, but you’ll want to get the issue addressed immediately.
  • Animals – We love our pets, but our pets are not kind to our carpeting! In the early puppy stages, puppies are still being potty trained so accidents are happening and they tend to bite and chew on everything, including the carpet and rugs. The best way to avoid damage to your carpet is to keep your puppy in a specific area and try and prevent them from chewing by keeping a watchful eye and providing plenty of distractions (toys) for them.
  • Natural light – Having natural light in your home is one of the best features to have — it brightens things up and is eco-friendly! When your carpet and rugs are repeatedly exposed to natural light, dark colors may fade causing sun spots on your flooring. You can always keep the drapes closed when the sun is the strongest, or apply a UV film on the windows that help filter the damaging rays.
  • Spills – Spills are inevitable, but the important part is to clean them up as soon as they occur. In a previous post, we’ve talked about keeping a spill emergency kit under your kitchen sink with things like baking soda, soda water, and vinegar to help get stains up quickly and neutralize the stain’s odor.

Carpets and rugs are great to have and when you can avoid or lessen the occurrence of moisture, insects, animals, natural light, and spills, your carpet will span the decades beautifully!

Keep your carpets in immaculate condition with your local carpet cleaners at Crystal Clean Carpet Care and schedule a routine cleaning! Call today!