Crystal Clean provides duct cleaning, including dryer vent cleaning, in Kearney and central Nebraska. At Crystal Clean Carpet Care, we ensure that your indoor air is fresh, clean, and free of potential airborne contaminants. Air duct cleaning can rid your home of foul smells, improve energy efficiency, and remove allergens. This service will also help prevent mold growth and prevent the spread of airborne contagions. Many people do not realize that ductwork must be cleaned. Keeping your ductwork clean is very important to your energy efficiency. The less hard your system has to work, the longer it will last. The cleaning of your air ducts will reduce the number of allergens, dust, and dander that flow through your home. Contact us for all your duct cleaning needs!

With the growing usage of chemicals in everyday items, the air quality indoors can sometimes be worse than outside! Now that people are more aware of indoor air pollution, companies — like Crystal Clean Carpet Care — are helping to address the demand for clean air!

Air duct cleaning will vary in price depending on the following factors:

  • The size of the system needed to be serviced
  • The level of contamination in the system
  • How accessible the system is

In addition to servicing your air ducts, we also help you maintain your dryer vents. Dryer vents are notorious for lint and other debris build up that inhibits them from functioning properly.

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